“Attention! The rules of duel nominations are accepted!”




Everyone in the HMB movement knows that starting from the year 2017 duel categories of the Championship of the world in HMB “Battle of the Nations” will get new format. Instead of the general “Triathlon” category, three separate nominations are introduced, the winners of which are to get right to fight in super finale champion category – “Triathlon”. Because of such changes, the rules are corrected.

























1. Longsword:

1.1 One- and two-point zones are introduced. Fighter will get two points for accentuated hit in the head and the body frame. One point for a hit in other permitted zones.

1.2 One-handed hit with a sword in any zone is worth one point.

1.3 Format of the battle – one round 1,5 minute.


HMBIA told that the introduction one- and two-point zones is required to make the battles more precise and spectacular. Moreover, the format of one round with duration of one and a half minute was successfully tested during the European Open HMB tournament “The Belmonte Challenge” (25-28 August 2016). Such format collects in itself the fighters’ speed and responsibility – sportsmen have to show everything they got in just one and a half minute of a single round.


2. Buckler – used to be maximum of 3 points. Such maximum is one successful series. The introduction of 5 points allows for avoidance of the randomness factor and will up the objectiveness of the victory.


3. Shield-sword:

3.1 Format – one round 1,5 minute

Similarly to the category of “longsword”, here the fighter has only 90 seconds to win, respectively, the speed and preciseness of the technique are required.


It is worth noticing that all the aforementioned changes apply to the finale category “Triathlon” too.


The updated rules are soon to be published on our website.


The HMBIA team is confident that the competitions with such rules will only improve the quality of the battles.