“Golden Hand IX “: results and impressions




On the 3-d of February Moscow (Russia) hosted the “Golden Hand IX” tournament from the “Buhurt Challendger Women’s 3×3″ series. This is the 9th annual tournament that gathers the best female fghters fromall over Russia. In additon to Russian women, the tournament was atended by girls from Finland, Estonia and Ukraine. Partcipants represented such cites as: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ryazan, Kondopoga, Petrozavodsk, Lugansk, Korolev, Izhevsk, Obninsk, Riga, Tver, Saratov, Shuya, Kem, Arkhangelsk, Kolomna, Vidnoe, Kaliningrad, Krasnogorsk, Orekhovo-Zuevo, Ulyanovsk, Zhukovsky, Shchekino, Vladimir, Laht and Hameenlinna. Notice that buhurt nominaton at the tournament are held for the second year.


According to the organizers, the tournament went well. And given the reputaton and status of the tournament, it’s not surprising that there were about a hundred applicatons for partcipaton in HMB-batles, sportsword and HMB Sof about the same.


The tournament ended with the following results:


Sportsword 10-11 years (boys):
1. Stepanov Roman “Knyajii Styag” Colomna
2. Lyakhovskiy Maksim “Knyajii Styag” Colomna
3. Peshkov Mikhail, Moscow


Sportsword 10-11 years (girls):
Khomenko Natalia “Knyajii Styag” Colomna


HMB sof 12-13 years (young men):
1 Evtukov Egor «Таnnenberg», Коndopoga.
2 Virolainen Daniil «Таnnenberg», Коndopoga.
3 Vaytulevich Dmitry «Таnnenberg», Коndopoga.


HMB sof 12-13 years (girls):
1 Stetsenko Lada «Sword», Petrozavodsk.
2 Parshikova Irina «Аrme», Moscow.


HMB sof 14-15 years (young men):
1 Mikhailov Ivan «Peresvet», St. Peterburg
2 Schelokov Gleb «Sword», Petrozavodsk.
3 Korshunov Gorgey “Sword”, Petrozavodsk


HMB sof 14-15 years (girls):
1 Shilova Maria «Таnnenberg», Коndopoga.
2 Dragunova Varvara «Sword», Petrozavodsk.
3 Rujnikova Victoria “Knyajii Styag” Colomna


HMB sof 16-17 years (young men):
1 Bobko Aleksander «Таnnenberg», Коndopoga.
2 Kogan Anatoliy «White Cross», Moscow.
3 Sevrugin Leonid «White Cross»,Moscow.


HMB sof 16-17 years (girls):
1 Lappo Alina «Sword», Petrozavodsk.
2 Chursinova Svetlana «Таnnenberg», Коndopoga.
3 Naumova Tatana «Rubej», Vladimir.


Sportsword (men) – “Shield- Spear”:
1 Ignatov Oleg, «9-th Spanish Legion», Moscow.
2 Altnov Nikolay, «9-th Spanish Legion», Moscow.


Sportsword (women) – “Sword and Shield”:
1 Yargina Oksana, «Nothern Wolf», Arkhangelsk.
2 Polurotova Alyona «Gastngs», Riga.
3 Volkova Anastasia, Moscow.


Sportsword (men) “A spear”:
1 Berdikhanov Alexander «Moscow Wushu Club», Moscow.
2 Pozhilov Mikhail, «Moscow Wushu Club», Moscow.
3 место: Romanenko Artem, «9-th Spanish Legion», Moscow.


Sportsword (men) “Sword and Shield”:
1 Virolainen Aleksander, «Таnnenberg», Kem.
2 Markelov Egor, «Armé», Moscow.
3 Obukhov Maksim, «Оrmond», Коrolev.


“Sword and Shield” (women) 1st league:
1 Safonova Ksenia, «Bayard», Moscow.
2 Obryadchikova Aleksandra, HMFC «Palladin», Moscow.
3 Anisimova Alena, «Bayard», Moscow.


“Sword and Shield” (women) major League:
1 Mescheryakova Anastasia, HRC «Ros», Ryazan.
2 Kohvakko Galina, «Таnnenberg», Коndopoga.
3 Golovina Marina, MPC «Tverd», Tver.



“Sword and Shield” (men) 2-nd League:
1 Ilyin Sergey, «Оrmond», Коrolev.
2 Sumarokov Vladimir, HFC «Crescendo», Moscow.
3 Коnonenko Yuri, «Armé», Moscow.


“Sword and Shield” (men) 1-st League:
1 Kharitonov Sergey, HFC «Estok», Lugansk.
2 Orlov Denis, FFC «Palladin», Moscow.
3 Sevrugin Mikhail, «White Cross», Moscow.


“Sword and Shield” (men) major League:
1 Petrik Aleksey, «Таnnenberg», Коndopoga.
2 Ivanov ilya, «Bayard», Moscow.
3 Nadezhdin Aleksander, «Gromoboy», Moscow.


“Longsword” (women):
1 Golovina Marina, MPC «Tverd», Tver.
2 Davydova Maria, «Excalibur», Moscow.
3 Mescheryakova Anastasia, HRC «Ros», Ryazan.



“Longsword” (men):
1 Petrik Aleksey, «Таnnenberg», Коndopoga.
2 Stepanov Ivan , «Peresvet», St.Peterburg.
3 Shklyaev Sergey, Izhevsk.


“Sword and Bukler” (women):
1 Kohvakko Galina, «Таnnenberg», Коndopoga.
2 Mescheryakova Anastasia, HRC «Ros», Ryazan.
3 Davydova Maria, «Excalibur», Moscow.


“Sword and Bukler” (men):
1 Petrik Aleksey, «Таnnenberg», Коndopoga.
2 Ivanov ilya, «Bayard», Moscow.
3 Nadezhdin Aleksander, «Gromoboy», Moscow.


“3 vs 3″ (women):
1 «The Silver Horde», Тver, Moscow, Arkhangelsk, Saratov, Orekhovo-Zuevo.
2 «Моrdor», Izhevsk, Lugansk, St. Petersburg, Hameenlinna (Finland)
3 «Hugaida», Moscow, Riga.


Youth League (18-25 years) “3 vs 3″:
1 «Аlfa», Moscow, Perm.
2 «Eastern Fronter», Moscow.
3 «Russian Order Junior», Moscow, St.Peterburg.



We asked Marina Golovina, one of the “Golden Hand” partcipants, to tell us about her impressions aferthe tournament: “The impressions are the best. As for me, this is the frst step to such a large-scale event afer the injury. A whole day of fghts in all steel nominatons. I think I passed this test with an honor taking bronze MEDAL in the “Sword and Shield” of the major league and golden one in the “Longsword” nominaton. But the most important achievement is gold in the “3 vs 3″ groups, because it will always be connected to me with the fear of re-injury from now. Overcome the fear and fatgue fromprevious fghts, lead the team to victory – it’s worth a lot. In general, I am very pleased and very proud ofour “Silver Horde” team.


In the “Sword and Shield” category of the major league, Marina met a famous HMB female fghter and champion Galina Kokhvakko on the list. As Marina told us later, afer fghtng with athletes of such a highclass, you immediately feel your weaknesses and understand you need to work harder.


In additon, Marina noted the excellent work of the organizing team and thanked them for their work:”The organizaton is at its height, the media preparaton for the tournament is generally beyond praise. Iknow frsthand what kind of work and efort it was worth to hold this large-scale event, and I am very grateful to the organizing group led by Dmitry Krasnov that they managed to give us such a fete of steel”.


Organizers are not going to rest and are already beginning to plan the holding of the jubilee, the 10th “Golden Hand” tournament. According to Dmitry Krasnov, an organizer of the tournament, there is a lot of plans to make this anniversary event really memorable.


HMBIA News thanks Dmitry Krasnov and Marina Golovina for the interview and wishes to implement all their plans.