Young athletes demonstrate a high class!



On the first day of the international festival of the military historical movement REKON, serious passions flared up at the HMB Soft area. Here, on several lists at once, there were 5 vs 5 fights in the age group of 10-11 years, as well as individual fights of the youngest athletes of the age groups of 4-5 years old, 6-7 years old for boys and girls and 8-9 years old for boys and girls. More than 200 participants from 26 clubs, representatives of 18 cities, fought for the victory.


In addition, athletes of the 18+ age category competed for the victory here. 


The results of the battles of the 1st competitive day of the HMB Soft tournament are as follows:

5 vs 5 category
Age group “10-11 years”:

1. Central Federal District team
2. Sever
3. She-wolves


Sword and Buckler
Age category 4 – 5 years:

1. Grachev Vladimir, Russia, Kolomna (“Knyazhij Styag”)
2. Krivonosov Vsevolod, Moscow (“Ul’fbert”)
3. Novikov Yaroslav, Moscow (“ZHivaya Legenda”)


Age category 6 – 7 years (boys):

  1. CHinkin Nikolaj, Vladimir (“Rubezh”)
  2. Kozlov Dmitrij, Moscow (“Ul’fbert”)
  3. Tukenov Ramil’, Novokuzneck (SKIF)


Age category 6 – 7 years (girls):
1. Kadykova Dar’ya, SHuya (Atlant)
2. Polishchuk Radmila, SHCHyolkovo (“Radogost”)
3. Roslyakova Sofiya, Kursk (“Avalon”)


Age category 8 – 9 years (boys):

  1. Gorshkov Aleksandr, SHuya (“Atlant”)
  2. Pryaluhin Maksim, Arhangel’sk (“Severnyj volk”)
  3. Vodovozov Aleksandr, Arhangel’sk (“Severnyj volk”)


Age category 8 – 9 years (girls):
1. Potapova Elizaveta, Arhangel’sk (“Severnyj volk”)
Vtorushina Mariya, Arhangel’sk (“Severnyj volk”)
3. Veshnyakova Sofiyag, Arhangel’sk (“Severnyj volk”)


Sword and Shield 

Age category 18+ Men:
1. Karyakin Vitalij, Kursk (“Avalon”)
2. Kononov Nikita, Kursk (“Avalon”)
3. CHistyakov Evgenij, Vologda (“Istok”)


Age category 18+ Women:
1. YArgina Anastasiya, Arhangel’sk (“Severnyj Volk”)
2. YArgina Oksana, Arhangel’sk (“Severnyj Volk”)
3. SHitova Anna, Orekhovo-Zuevo (“Vojnova Zastava”)


Congratulations to the winners and wish them new victories and interesting fights!