Training seminar in HMB (Italy, Milan, November 1-2, 2014). Program




First day: Seminar by Sergey Ukolov.

The program includes:

1. Basic technique. Movements, hittings, defenses, stands. Training practice.

2. Series of strikes, combinations. Theirs variations, usage, necessity.

3. Contact work, clinch. Principles and techniques

4. Forming-up all training process from training to macrocycle.

5. Longsword and buckler. An overview of techniques and battle principles.

6. Practical trainings of basic techniques, sparrings.


Second day: Champions of “Battle of the Nations” will share their experiences with HMB fighters.

 The program includes:

1. Battle tactics for “5×5″ and “21×21″.

2. Nuances of weapons and armor for full contact medieval battles.

3. Halberd fight.

4. Shield and sword fight.

5. Specificity of wrestling techniques.

6. Features of general physical training for medieval battles.

REE admission only for HMB fighters!

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Training seminar in Historical Medieval Battle,

November 1-2, 2014,


Milan, Centro Sportivo Crespi, Via Carlo Valvassori Peroni, 48 (Lambrate – Città Studi area) 


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