Are you ready for buhurts on Berlepsch Cup 2017?



Berlepsch Cup 2017 will be held in Germany on 30.09-01.10. This will be the fourth time for the tournament and organizers are keeping it growing.

Berlepsch Cup 2017_2


Teams from Swiss, Italy, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Denmark, Netherlands and UK Fighters have already agreed to participate. Do you want to join this cool company? To apply for participation please send the letter to e-mail [email protected] , and provide your Facebook page too.


The program is already arranged:


Saturday (30.09) – 5 vs 5 buhurt category


Sunday (01.10) – 10 vs 10 buhurt category


Women’s buhurts “3 vs 3” will be held as well.


The fighting playground is arranged under the walls of Medieval Berlepsch Castle from the 14th century, right in the middle of Germany. The arena will be extraordinary, build from wood and sand will be filled in to increase grip and decrease injuries. Participants can choose medieval or modern Campsite for staying. All these facts together will make the best fighting atmosphere.


To take a look for the tournament’s place use the link


The good news is envisaged prize fund is for winners:


1 place 5 vs 5 – 400€
2 place 5 vs 5 – 200€
3 place 5 vs 5 – 80€
1 place 10 vs 10 – 450€
2 place 10 vs 10 – 225€
3 place 10 vs 10 – 75€
1 place 3 vs 3 women –100€


Marshals will get paid as well.


Don’t miss this great event!