Music at “Battle of the Nations”: аn international language uniting people

05 Aug 2014 12:47

Among other things it was music that helped to create medieval atmosphere at the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2014. Magical sounds of bagpipes and other instruments were heard at the festival. Guests and participants of the event were entertained by musicians from around the world. You could meet Hungarians («Hollóének Hungarica Régizene Együttes»), Italians («In Vino Veritas») and Czechs («Bakchus»).

Musicians from the “Bakchus” band, the Czech Republic:

“We play medieval music of the XII-XVIth centuries, from across Europe. We sing songs and perform dances of wandering jugglers, noble troubadours… We liked “Battle of the Nations” a lot, as well as Trogir and Croatia. There we met many nice people, and the Championship was interesting by itself. I think we were able to communicate with a lot of people using our music, as music is an international language understood by everyone.”

Representatives of the HMB movement from different countries agreed with the talented musicians from the Czech Republic.

Roberto Fontana, fighter of Team Italy:

“Oh, yes! It was a great performance by great musicians! I liked the guys from the Italian band «In Vino Veritas».

The Scotsman Dave McNaughton agreed with the Italian.

Dave McNaughton, captain of Team Scotland:

“Good music was played within the Championship. I liked the guys, everything was authentic and nice.”

The Scotsman was supported by a Croatian fighter and functionary.

Ivan Pampi Loborec, president of the National HMB Association of Croatia:

“It was fun! Especially, we liked «Hollóének Hungarica Régizene Együttes», as we had known them for long. They played great fast music, suitable for fighting. Very energetic.”

Authentic rhythms touched an Austrian commentator as well.

Mathias Kainz, commentator of the online broadcast of the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2014:

“I enjoyed live music in between fights! Musicians created an undescribable medieval atmosphere! Such music is always interesting and is a necessary part of the whole. It made the festival more spectacular. It was as important as fighting of the participants. The music was great!”

It should be noted that in addition to the authentic music performed by bands, spectators and participants admired performers’ costumes and their overall appearance. When they came on stage the public was in ecstasies.

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