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What are they and who / what do they include?


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You can see at many HMB tournaments that teams participating in “5 vs 5″ and “21 vs 21″ categories are rarely formed of representatives of one club. You may think that fighters choose partners just before entering the lists, say a few words to each other and join the battle immediately… In fact, the situation is somewhat different.


It just seems that the alliance is organized directly at the festival. In reality, long before the start of the season, club captains, as well as individual fighters, conduct a large number of negotiations, develop strategy and tactics, hold joint trainings. The core of the team (i.e. the main fighters of the alliance) always go through a process of combat coordination, and it is the task not for one day or training.


Of course, the situations are different, and it happens that a fighter joins a team right before the battle. However, in practice, such choice is rarely random, often “novices” are in the category of “friends / acquaintances” and everyone knows what to expect from them in battle.


So, learn compositions of other clubs, communicate with each other, because you might have to fight together, shoulder to shoulder one day!