Burnie, Australia: “When the fight started, I felt fine”






I represented my country in the women’s “Duel” category at the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations.” I was a little bit nervous before the beginning of the fighting, as I felt great responsibility. But when the fight started, I felt fine, and even had a lot of fun!


However, the weather was very hot, and when the time of the last battle came, I was ready to strip down and take a swim in the ocean.


My hardest fight at the Championship was against Yana Zabolotnikova from Russia. Frankly speaking, I couldn’t do my best due to a number of reasons. I can’t wait to fight with Yana again next year at the “Tattoo Cup”, which will be held on February 22, 2015 in Hamilton, New Zealand.


Skye Burnie,

a female fighter of the National Team of Australia



Interview by

Katherine Koda,


Trogir, 120614.Danas je u Trogiru zapoceo visednevni povijesno-kulturni spektakl Battle of the nations koji ce se odrzavati na lokacijama stadiona Batarija i u kuli Kamerlengo.Foto: Ante Cizmic / CROPIX