The anniversary of the “Alexander Nevsky Cup”



The traditional historical and patriotic festival “Alexander Nevsky Cup” was held today in St. Petersburg (Russia). This year the festival celebrates its tenth anniversary! Visitors to the Lyubashinsky garden today were entertained with an amazingly diverse and rich event.


The audience was treated to a tournament of the HMB youth league. Such tournaments are very important for HMB sports. Young athletes at these events gain combat experience which is invaluable for their development as fighters. In addition to the fighters and support groups, the tournament was attended by coaches and teachers of the athletes. One particular trainer, the director of the School of HMB St. Petersburg, Yuri Samoilov, came to support the HMB School team:


“Most athletes involved here are in the sport or one year now. Such events are important, because when you train in the gym you feel completely safe and comfortable while you’ll meet more extreme conditions in a tournament like this. Of course I am concerned about them.  I am both concerned and I`m proud, of course, too. ”


Results of 3 vs 3 fights on Alexandr Nevsky Cup
1st place – Russian Order
2 place – Peresvet
3rd place – Scharnhorst 2


Although the battles were fought by inexperienced fighters, they were exciting to watch. The opponents showed skill and class and an incredible will to win.


In addition to the magnificent HMB battles, guests of the festival had a wide selection of entertainment to choose from. The event really appealed to the imagination. Archery, throwing knives, pottery, calligraphy … this is just a small selection of what was available. Jewelry, souvenirs made of wood, metal, fabrics and thread, and more.

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Summarizing the above, we can say that today another great event took place. We can surely welcome many more fans of HMB!