Results of the profights



The results of the profights in the run-up to the finals, which will be held on May 5.

Women. Finals

Fight for the 1st place: Irina Rogosovsky (Israel) – Anastasia Meshcheryakova (Russia)

Fights for the 3rd place: Celia Torrent (Spain) – Melanie Gras (Germany)

Middle weight:

For the 3rd place fight: Maxim Skorikov (Belarus) vs Wang Sai (China)

For the 1st place fight: Alexander Nadezhdin (Russia) vs Lukas Kowal

Super Heavy:

For the 3rd place: Artem Semenenko (Moldova) vs Ujvari Adam’s (Hungary)

For the 1st place fight: Lukas Wojciehowski (Poland) vs Alexey Petrik (Russia)

Come and cheer for your favorites!