Marshal: a look from the other side




??rina Golovina, a fighter from Russia is a well-known person in the HMB community. Experienced and persistent girl will also take part in the “Dynamo Cup”-2017, but as a marshal-trainee. This change is related to Marina’s trauma. She plans to return to fights in armor only in 2018.


But she does not plan to leave her favorite sport and decided to try herself in the yellow uniform of the HMB-Marshal. Marina believes such changes in activities are also very useful, because it is a possibility to look at the fight from the other side, from the different angle.


??rina Golovina:
“In general, any fighter should study thoroughly all the nuances and amendments to the rules of nominations in which he or she fights.”



Golovina has already received the certificate of the Russian marshal in August 2017, and now is preparing to pass the exam for obtaining the status of an international marshal. She carefully studies HMB rules and regulations in English and, of course, practices judging in a variety of tournaments to become an international marshal.


??rina Golovina:
“An experienced judge is able to show a good qualification in the evaluation of any disciplines, not only steel, but also related ones. Therefore, you should get this experience as much as possible.”


HMBIA News wishes Marina Golovina success in marshaling, fast recovery and return to the list as a fighter.