Italians met the most wanted opponents in “5 vs 5″




The fight “Italy-3 vs UK-1″ was fast. Francesco Galli from “Italy-3” after the end of the fight told that Italian team really wanted to fight with them. Because “UK-1” is one of the strongest team in the Western Europe.


Francesco Galli:
“UK-1 “White Company” is the best. My team really wanted to face them. So, the fight was short. I mean when you are good, fights are short. We gave a lot in the lists. I did my best – I usually run and hit. Lukas Kowal and Pawe? Kurzak are great fighters. So, we will train and face them again”.


Italians are hosts of the “Battle of the Nations”-2018, so they fight for the honor of their motherland.


“It is a responsibility I am willing to take. Great honor to fight with my team, I love my teammates, I love my country, and I am willing to give everything for it. Time, health – it is all worth it”.


After the fight, supporters of the Italian team sang the anthem from the stands and everyone listened it.


Francesco Galli:
“It is one of the best parts – support from Italian guys is amazing, I’ve never faced something like this. I hope there will be another competition like this in Italy, because I really want to feel this again. Always”.