“HMC CUP – 2nd STEP”-2017 – second steo to the National team of Italy




9th of December famous city Pisa (Italy) held “HMC CUP – 2nd STEP”. This is the second stage of qualifying tournament for the National Team of Italy. There was “5 vs 5″ bugurt category and all categories for “1 vs 1″ as well. The tournament took place in public gym located in Via Padre Ximenes, Putignano, Pisa (it). According to Gabriele Franchi, PR- manager of the tournament, there was a lot of injuried fighters during trainings for the competition, obliged many of them to miss this stage. Also two days of a really bad weather didn’t help. But bad luck didn’t stop them and for respect for all the fighters came from all over Italy to partecipate in “HMC CUP – 2nd STEP”-2017 the tournament went ahead anyway.


So there are the results of the tournament in all categories:



“5 vs 5″ bugurt:

1) “Iron Tower”
2) “San Giorgio”
3) “Feltrio”


Longsword HMB
1) Luca Peinetti
2) Ivano Osella
3) Simone Gamberini


Sword & Buckler
1)Giorgio Dovera
2) Ivano Osella


Sword & Shield
Delaied to next stage for logistic issues


Polearm HMB
1) Sergio Quattrini
2) Luca Peinetti


Best fighters from italian nation fought for 1st place in tournament and for getting higher place in total national ranking for represent Italy during the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations” -2018 in their respective categories.


HMBIA and our editorial office thank Gabriele Franchi for the information and can`t wait to see the National Team of Italy on the lists of World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations” -2018.