“HMB-Soft gains pace!”




On March 11, First Championship of the Europe in HMB-Soft took place in Minsk (Republic of Belarus). Participants 12-17 years old from France, Poland, Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia fought for the top awards of the tournament. Ali Askerov, the head of HMB-Soft-Russia told HMBIA News more details about the Championship and its summary.


Ali Askerov:
“The event went on high organizational level. Sportsmen have shown an excellent preparation and moral disposition, We would like to congratulate and wish a whole lot of new victories to the prize-winners, because the future of Historical Medieval Battle rests on their shoulders!”


The Championship’s participants were separated into 3 nominations: 12-13 y.o., 14-15 y.o. and 16-17 y.o. The tournament table of the event as follows.


12-13 y.o. nomination


1st place – Favorov Petr (Russia)
2nd place – Vasiliev Sevastian (Russia)
3rd place – Gully Thomas (France)


14-15 y.o. nomination


1st place – Fatov Mikhail (Russia)
2nd place – Mikhailov Ivan (Russia)
3rd place – Shaikhov Grigoriy (Russia)


16-17 y.o. nomination


1st place – Malugin Ilia (Russia)
2nd place – Tashov Danila (Russia)
3rd place – Eksuzian Roman (Russia)


The International association of Historical medieval battle, HMB-Soft-Russia and HMBIA News would like to express a gratitude to participants. referees, organizers and fans!