Can’t wait for International Tournament of Chivalry in the USA



One month left before the start IToC (International Tournament of Chivalry) – an important event for international HMB community, that will be held in the USA. HMB USA continues to accept letters from combatants and marshals who plan to attend this tournament.


Brave knights from all over the world will come to the United States for a two-days fighting event. This full contact medieval steel combat will show that chivalry is still alive.


The tournament will be used as the tryouts for the official United States team that will head to the world championships Battle of the Nations in Europe early in 2018.


Schedule: the arena will start to operate at 6 am on both Friday and Saturday for fighters and support. During this time the participants will have time to attend classes, test their rig, warm up or do one on one training. The doors will be open for public at 11 am. Noon – 3 pm – the Tournament.


Location: the tournament will take place on the main floor of the BoS Center in Springfield, IL (Formerly known as the Prairie Capital Convention Center), USA.


These are categories, which will be offered, but – please take attention – for now still being discussed:


October 13


Women’s polearm


Women’s sword and buckler


Women’s sword and shield


Women’s longswords


Men’s polearm


Men’s sword and buckler


Men’s sword and shield


Men’s longswords


October 14


Men’s “5 vs 5”


Women’s “3 vs 3”


Longsword finals


Women’s longsword finals


To apply for participation please send letters to


IToC’s support will help to organize the visit of your team or to join up with other partial teams if you are a single fighter. If you need any help, please e-mail to


From HMBIA side we would like to say, that we are excited about this tournament and can’t wait to see exciting fights on the IToC arena.