Finns and Swiss are actively preparing for “Battle of the Nations”-2014




National teams of Finland and Switzerland are small, but determined to take part in “Battle of the Nations“. They are getting ready to come to the Championship. 


The news was conveyed by Sergey Tsymbal, Deputy of HMBIA President for international relations.


In particular, Team Finland currently has 8 fighters. Preparing for the tournament, the Finns faced the lack of armor kits, however the World Championship’s organizing committee has no doubts they’ll solve the problem.


“These guys are true enthusiasts. They aren’t numerous, but brave and eager to fight,” said Tsymbal. “They asked us for banners, flyers, any items that can help to promote the national team and the Championship. The Finns are very serious about their participation“.


The situation is similar concerning the Swiss whose captain is a young and energetic man, Frank Døkkr Norðri by name.


“He invests a lot of effort into making the team. I’m confident his team will be able to come,” said Sergey Tsymbal.



Christina Korneva