“Battle of the Nations”-2015 will offer a new “1 vs 1″ polearm category






The schedule of the next World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2015, which is to be held in Prague (Czech Republic), will be broadened due to an experimental “1 vs 1″ (“Duel”) polearm category.


According to the Organizing Committee of “Battle of the Nations”, this innovation will be interesting not only for fighters, but also for the audience. In addition, the arsenal of weapons used for fighting will expand. According to the rules, only one fighter from a country can participate in the duel. The organizers explain this restriction in a simple way – it’s an experiment! But if the innovation becomes popular, the standard number will be 3 fighters from a country.


This category is official, which means the winner gets a prize. The rules of professional WMFC fights will be applied to this category.



Christina Korneva