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Sonora Celtic Faire HMB Tournament

Dates of event: 01.01.1970 - 01.01.1970

Description of event

This Bohurt League Tournament and the armored fighting community at large wish to gratefully acknowledge the continued support and financial backing of the Sonora Celtic Faire since 2008 and they are proudly showcasing the tournament as one of their main attractions!!!

This is not a renaissance faire !!!

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We are excited to be working together with Historical Medieval Battle International Association, HMB-USA, the American Medieval Combat Federation, the Empire of Medieval Pursuits, and other fight clubs across United States, Canada, Mexico, and other countries to make this tournament even bigger and better.

Set up for Children’s Day is on Thursday March 9th as early as 12:00 pm.

Friday March 9th:

9:00 am to 3:00pm will be Kid’s Day with school buses of students and a commitment to provide combat demonstrations and interaction.

Single Duels “demonstrations” will be the highlight of Friday and running from 10:00 am to finish (2:00 pm). Set up will continue after 3:00 pm.

Saturday March 10th:

10:00 am and 2:00 pm will be (2) two hour blocks of melee tournament consisting of duels categories and men’s and women’s teams melee as well as 21v21 team melee.

Sunday March 11th:

10:00 am and 2:00 pm will be (2) two hour blocks of melee tournament consisting of duels categories and men’s and women’s teams melee as well as 21v21 team melee.

This is the 9th year of coordinating armored fighting at this event, we have a reputation for providing excellent hospitality to fighters and support staff, and we do not like to dissapoint !!!

For the Sonora Celtic Faire event there is no cost for fighters and support staff, onsite camping is available at no additional cost, the gate list for free admission to the sponsoring renaissance faire for fighters and support staff closes February 28th at midnight Pacific Standard Time.

Bring your own bedroll or sleeping bag as camping is unlimited and the comradery will be great!!!

For the “softies” there are also hotels within 10 minutes of site. A group rate will be posted soon.

There is food available for purchase at the Celtic Faire and ATM’s on site, fighters and support staff will be responsible for their own meals (banquet on Saturday is free to fighters and support staff), some snacks will be provided, and water will be provided.

Fighters will need to provide their own sports equipment (armor and weapons) and a repair station will be provided.

HMB rules will be followed and enforced by the marshals for steel fighting. The Knight Marshal’s interpretation of the rules will be final on the inspection. Only designated team captains may challenge a call during tournament fighting.

There will be rattan and foam (and light sabers at night) fighting available. Empire of Medieval Pursuit rules and requirements will be utilized for rattan and foam fighting.

Waivers must be completed by all fighters and support staff before 8:00 am Saturday morning.

All weapons must be inspected by the marshals before 8:00 am Saturday morning.

General information is available at the Sonora Celtic Faire page and I will be posting updated information here as well.

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Please email me with any questions or concerns.

For any questions please contact:
Mark Jackson
+01 559 477 3900