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Copa Bosque Encantado

Dates of event: 01.01.1970 - 01.01.1970

Description of event

7th, 8th and 9th of July it will be perform in Capilla del Monte City, Córdoba, Argentina, the 2° festival of Mudéjar castle, Hosting by town’s own people y the Capilla del Monte City Hall. This event provides the perfect scenario for the first of many PUEBLO ENCANTO CUP of medieval combat, that’ll be organized by Pecarí Wildschweine Krieger (medieval combat team), and powered by the Argentinian Federation of Medieval Combat Clubs (FACCOM) and HMBIA (Historical Medieval Battle International Association), in addition to the general coordinators
of the festival. The tournament will be perform days 7th and 8th

We are expecting both Argentinian and international teams. Capilla del monte is a worldwide famous city due to its natural beauties, sited at the side of the Uritorco Mountain, this particularly town is full of mystic energies and is considered by locals a hot point for UFO sighting.

Fighters and squires are V.I.P. in our event. And even when the tournament is just July 7 and 8, fighters are welcome to stay through the all festival if they like.
The famous Pueblo Encanto will be the chosen location for the tournament, more exactly Mudéjar castle, this beautiful Hispanic castle was built in 19th century and still preserve the furniture intact, as well as art work, fountains and a centenary private forest. Last refuge of King Alfonso XIII of Spain, it possess a roman pool facing the Calabalumba river, a game room, tennis curse, croquet, and now Medieval Combat arena.
Fighters and squires will have free dorms provided by the City Hall of Capilla del Monte
We expect punctuality among fighters. The fixture will be by lottery days before the tournament and it will be broadcasted online, Fighters have to be signed up in advanced in order to participate.

Categories will accept 2 fighters for club in duels. In group fights it will be allowed alliances and coalitions to fill up the minimal of 8 fighters necessary for team.
The order of the encounters is as the following, Day one 5 vs 5 Masc. 3 vs 3 Fem. Day 2 Duels both Masc. and Fem. (Sword and shield, long sword and Halberd).
In our event Fighters are consider main actors so they´ll be provided with places to store their belongs few feet away from the match zone, accommodations, fruits, water, and a camaraderie dinner on Saturday night.
As our way to gratify the companionship and support of Fighters from other countries, will be provided with FREE transport from the Pajas Blancas Airport or Bus terminal, depending on the way of arrival, to the tournament town.

For further information please contact us on:
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Albert schwarz
Capitán of Pecari wildschweine krieger

Juan Fortunato
President of F.A.C.Co.M.