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Rules of conduct, safety regulations and norms mandatory for all participants of the World Championship on historical medieval battle "Battle of the Nations"

I, hereinafter referred to as “Participant”, agree to follow the below stated rules and the requirements of the organizers of the "HMBIA" event (hereinafter referred to as “Organizer”) and ask to accept my voluntary application for the participation in the event.
General provisions:
Every person willing to participate as a member of a national team, civil party or any other participant claiming for free admission to all the grounds of the event (authentic field camps of the participants, stands, the lists, etc.) has to read all the points stated below and to follow them entirely. To participate in this mass cultural and sports event, every participant has to read and sign personally the document that serves as the rules and the application form for participation in the event. Firsthand acquaintance with the contents of the document and its signing takes place at the secretariat of the event.
The participant takes full responsibility concerning all possible risks to health and life associated with the participation in the event.
Signing current document the festival participant confirms that their health status allows them to take part in sports and public events, and that they voluntarily take all the risks.
The festival participant takes full personal responsibility for any of their actions, their behavior during the event, in the manner prescribed by law.
The participant is personally responsible for the safety of all their belongings, valuables, documents, reenactment items of the Middle Ages, and any other personal property.
The participant is personally responsible for their children if they are also involved in the event, and ensures their safety.
The participant is obliged to clearly and timely follow any instructions of the event organizers associated with the organization of the event.
The participant willing to participate in full-contact sports battles in HMB armor at the event, agrees to carefully study (in advance) all the rules and regulations of the championship battles published on the official web site of the championship –
The participant willing to practise HMB at the event confirms by signing this document that has read carefully and thoughtfully all the rules and regulations of HMB and confirms the obligation to fulfill unquestioningly all the requirements of the marshals (referees) during battles and takes full responsibility for all personal actions during sporting HMB.
The participant assumes all the risks to their health and life, and voluntarily declines any claims to the organizers or other participants of the event.
All the participants willing to practise HMB at the event are obliged to use only the approved techniques stated in the Common HMB international rules (the version for "Buhurt categories" and the version for "Tournament categories").
The participant assumes responsibility for the use of their HMB armor and weapons.
The participant is responsible for checking the safety features of their armor, and has to monitor the technical state of the armor used in full-contact battles on iron blunted medieval weapons within the event.
The participant is responsible for monitoring the aesthetic and authentic state of their kit (costume, protective and offensive weapons).
The participant assumes full responsibility for all the actions committed by them during the sports HMB event under the rules of the event and the laws of the country hosting the event.
Within the event, the Participant has to adhere to the norms of public order, follow all the safety requirements of the organizers, as well as their authorized agents, police officers, other services and agencies that carry out the functions for order and security maintenance.
The participant is allowed to be in the festival area only after a full and thorough acquaintance with the rules of conduct and safety regulations. All participants and guests of the festival take full personal responsibility for their actions and behavior in the manner prescribed by law. For actions that run counter to the laws and regulations applicable within the festival, the participants and spectators are liable under the law.
The organizers are not responsible for the participants in case they infringe the safety rules of the festival, and non-compliance with safety regulations while participating in the festival.
The participants and spectators are responsible for the safety of their personal belongings, the Organizers aren’t responsible for their loss or damage to them.
The participants of the event aren’t allowed to take or bring animals, especially those that can cause physical damage to participants or other persons except in the case when the presence of animals at the event is agreed with the organizers and is stated in the notice.
The participants recognize the organizers’ (HMBIA in the person of Trubnikov A. A.) right for the brand «Battle of the Nations» and HMB.
The participants recognize the organizers (HMBIA) as the main authors of the concept of the world HMB championship and HMB itself as a new international cultural and sports movement.
The participants recognize the copyright of organizers (HMBIA) for the concept of the event.
The participants recognize the copyright of the organizers for any photo, video, audio and other media materials made within the event and agree to use them only for non-commercial purposes. And in case they are going to get some profit from the media materials they have to agree (in advance) with the organizers the royalty rate for the HMBIA organization.
The participants of the event who take photos or shoot videos are obliged to provide a full copy of all materials on demand of the Organizers to be used by them.
The organizers can forbid the participants to take photos, make video, audio or any other fixation of what is happening at the event.
Hooliganism is prohibited at the event!
Festival participants aren’t allowed to take any hard drinks, drugs or psychotropic substances during the festival.
It is prohibited to promote pornography, violence and cruelty, manufacture and use of drugs and psychotropic substances.
Participants of the festival are prohibited from appoaching any dangerous places (construction sites, cliffs, wall edges, moats, technical barriers, etc.) closer than 5 meters.
Festival participants are prohibited from having real guns and other things that can cause harm and damage, as well as explosives, flammable, radioactive, toxic and other hazardous substances, graphic materials that denigrate the honor and dignity of other parties, as well as individuals participating in the festival.
The participant is personally responsible for any of their actions during the event.
The participant is responsible for any damages caused by them.
Signing the document, the Participant automatically agrees to comply with all the rules and requirements of this document.
I, the undersigned, certify that personally and closely acquainted with all the points of the rules and agree to fully and unconditionally follow them.